What are Workbenches?

Maxstor provides contemporary office furniture and full service planning and approach for companies wishing to produce a stylish modern look for their commercial office spaces. We specialize in outfitting complete commercial office spaces with modern business furniture. Our offered Modular Workbenches that are manufactured by Maxstor are well designed that suit the needs and requirements of the workplaces.

What is the difference between Benching & Cubicles?

As a general review, work spaces are board based workstations which give the most protection from different representatives; sidelining has either no or insignificant boards and gives an open-style column of work areas intended to energize joint effort.

Cubicles can come in many sizes and configurations depending on the client’s needs. Panels come in 39″, 47″, 53″, 67″, and 85″ heights, comprised of fabric, glass, and whiteboard finishes.

Benching or desking is typically used in smaller workspace configurations and can measure anywhere from 3′ to 7′. If some privacy is needed, screens with heights of 8″ to 24″ can be added.

What are the maintenance requirements of modular furniture?

Our offered Modular furniture is very easy to keep up. Based to the outline and material used, essential care should be taken and a couple of basic practice will ensure the long existence of your furniture. Essential basic guidelines are required for long existence of your furniture.

Do you sell Pre-owned Furniture options?

We at Maxstor sell new and pre-owned office furniture to provide money-saving options for any size office or space. Workspace advantages have a huge variety of pre-owned and refurbished office furniture to select from for your business needs.

How can we get the customized workbenches installed?

Our professionals will provide the design and installation services…

How much would it cost for a custom office installation?

All installations have particular details that are appropriate to your specific needs…

How long will it take for us to receive my furniture?

Usual lead times are about 3-4 weeks depending on what you are purchasing. Some of our products may be ordered faster as part of a quick-ship program, but typically the types of furniture and finish options become more limited.

What is the cost to get my product delivered?

The product delivery costs are calculated by our installers based on many factors:

The amount of product being ordered, the location to which it is being delivered, whether or not the building has a loading dock or an elevator, whether the building is union or non-union, and if the delivery can be done during regular business hours or if it needs to be done an overtime.

How to order?

Call us on +91 9512 000 660 and get a free visit at your place. Our executive will understand your requirements and will provide you with the best consultation needed by you for your offices.